In 2013 we opened our doors as a food truck fueling the streets of Nashville. Seeing an opportunity for growth we began wholesaling our bread, pastry and dessert in 2014. Growing on the immense success of this program combined the forces of our coffee, food and pastry in to our first retail store in August of 2015. 


All of our bread and pastry is made in-house. Our amazing Pastry Chef will knock your socks off with some of the best pastry that Nashville has to offer.


With over 20 years in the coffee industry under our roof, we are unapologetically serious about coffee. We partner with only the best specialty coffee roasters from around the country and offer only seasonal, light to medium roast, single origin coffees.  


We make as much of our food, sauces, and more in-house as we possibly can. From house-made hot sauce to grinding and seasoning our own sausage to curing our own pastrami, we put food in the spotlight. We want to provide the highest quality possible without the pretense that sometimes comes with it. 


While we are focused on quality coffee & food, service is also a vital component of our approach. Our mission is to break down the walls that typically come between service and quality product. We treat our guests as friends, we talk to you as friends, we serve you as friends. It was our goal to create a comfortable environment where we would hang out in our time off.